Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Samyukta Sangh (Federation)


A matter of greatest pride for KKGSS(F) is that the tri-colours, wherever they are fluttering in the sky, or will be fluttering soon, are produced here. During the five decades since its inception, the Federation (KKGSS) has made tremendous progress, expanded range of its products culminating in the production of National Flags. The KKGSS is the only centre in India to produce the national flags. National Flag has been reserved for the Khadi Sector for supply to various Govt. agencies, Ministry of Defence, Para Military Forces, etc for official use. For the production of National Flags, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set some standards in the design constructional details and other particulars. It should be made of hand spun and hand woven cotton Khadi bunting. Earlier whatever National Flags were being produced they were not up to the BIS norms. Later, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission accorded permission to KKGSS to produce the tri-colours and supply them to the entire Nation. Production of National Flags as per strict guidelines of BIS is not an easy task, because, any defect in the Flags such as colour, size, thread count, strength of yarn, fastness of the colours used for dyeing etc., will be considered as a serious offence and is liable for a fine or imprisonment or both, as per the provisions of Flag Code of India 2002. The KKGSS(F), Hubli, has taken this task as a challenge and succeeded in making the National Flags as per BIS norms under licence No. CM/L-6549686.

Bleaching And Dyeing

The bunting meant for manufacturing the top and bottom panels shall be bleached and dyed in India Saffron and India Green colours respectively, and that meant for the middle band shall be bleached.

Charka Printing

The Ashoka Chakra of specific size will be screen printed with Navy blue colour on specific sized bleached fabric in such a manner that, the chakra shall be completely visible on both sides of the Flag in the center.


Stitching of Flags will be done by machine stitching with lock stitches. The sewing threads used for machine stitching shall confirm the BIS norms and the colour of the thread being the same as that of the panels on which it appears.


A toggle will be attached to each Flag at the top by splicing the hemp cordage around it before sewing the later in side the sleeve The toggle is attached at the top of Saffron panel with an intension to avoid hoisting of the flag in reverse manner.

    Storys of National Flag

    Making National Flag